Games for baby

As you might have noticed, it is amazingly hard to find computer games for babies.


However, before going to the list of games for babies that I have compiled to help you out, there are couple of things you should know before letting your baby in front of computer to play.


  • I strongly recommend that children under the age of 3 do not play games using the old CRT screens.

You can recognise CRT monitors from them being those big ugly boxes like all the TVs and monitors used to be. LCD monitors are the flat ones, and basis of their image making is completely different, since they use liquid that keeps changing color as needed, so in some sense, watching them is close to watching newspaper.


  • Before letting your baby play any of these games, keep in mind that your baby may well break your keyboard for good, especially Laptop keyboards which are much weaker than separate keyboards. If you plan on letting your Baby play with laptop, I recommend you at least get separate USB connectable keyboard for it for baby to bang.


this is a short list of mine with comments about all the computer games aimed for babies that I have found.

I have divided this list into two parts: Online playable Games for Baby, and Installable Games for Baby with short explanation of things to take into consideration on both.



Good thing about Internet Playable Games for Baby is that you can use them with almost any Internet Capable device, this includes things like Computers, Tablets and Mobiles for example.

However, many of these do reguire keyboard, so for example Touch Devices might not be very suitable for them.

Online Playable Games for Baby also have one major draw back, for they are not able to get round Browsers features.

This mainly means that since the idea of these Games is mostly that Baby keeps banging the keyboard freely and stuff happens, if you hit some certain buttons (and trust me, your baby will hit them) it will do several different things like mess your browser or more terrifyingly bring up windows stuff (on windows machines only).

All in all, only way to play online Playable Games for Baby is by you yourself being on the watch all the time, and in many cases preferably have hold of the mouse yourself so you can avoid your baby causing problems when youre being thrown to for example Windows due to pushing Windows buttons from keyboard.


All the following are Internet Playable Games for Baby:



Offers good variety of Browser based games aimed for babies.

+ On a plus side i say that theres quite many of them, they greatly interested at least my 14 month old daughter, are all free, and are educational.

- laptop with touchpad is bad combination in this, in many ways.

- in most cases response is too slow and there is also no connection to where in the keyboard you press buttons. Press any button and it will do the same as from any other button (exception the Alphabet game)

- Even more stupid is that in some of the games, like the breast feeding game, if baby keeps banging the keyboard buttons (as they usually do), it wont be able to get forward but keeps repeating the animation from beginning resulting in accidental rap lyrics.

From Online Playable Games for Babies this Is my current pick of choice.



Fisher Price offers free browser games for Infants, Toddlers and kids and theres good amount of them.

+ many, more professional looking than however, has bigger graphics which is definetily more interesting for baby.

+ There is some variety in games, like one of the games only reacts to numbers, which  basically makes baby to figure out that they are different from the rest of the keyboard.


- Some of the games have been made idiotically, like the coloring game in which you choose a picture, and then when you press keyboard buttons, colors start coming to picture. Nice idea, except that there are only very little amount of colors resulting in picture being colored in only couple of keypresses and idiotically after that you cant just press a key to get new picture, but you actually need to use your mouse to do it, making it annoying for a parent in long run.

- There is also a bit of a problem in responsiveness in sense that if baby keeps banging the keyboard, it might not react to every keypress because last animation is still going, but at least it wont result in accidental rap video like in some games do.






One of the great advantages in these is that you can get icon to your desktop to start these giving both the advvantage of being able to start these even in tough child care taking situations as well as having possiblity for the Baby himself learn to start them.

In Installable Games for Baby, there is also many times systems that turn or at least try to turn off some undesirable keys like WIndows keys. Online Playable Games for Babies dont and propably even cant have such option as to turn off for example windows keys from reacting.

For most part Installable Games for Baby beat Online Playbale Games for Baby, but they do have some disadvantages.

First of all you need to actually install them.

Secondly. each installation is restricted to only one machine and platform and it most times isnt even possible to get them to some devices, like computer Game wont be available for Mobile devices at all.

And Third, while you might be able to turn off special keys making it possible to leave Baby alone to your computer worry free, it usually also means that since these options are sort of hacks, it also results in that when some problem occurs, it might be quite big problem already.



All the following are Installable Games for Baby:




This one is very simple; Keep pressing the keyboard buttons and numbers, letters and different shapes in different colors come to screen accompanied with sounds.

+ Free
+ well done
+ Instant response
+ you can leave your baby alone to play without fear of getting your workfiles accidentally wiped (except not with laptops).
+ Also mouse does some fun.
- Installation is bit hard since this requires .net framework to be installed too.
- If your machine isnt powerful enough, then there wont be instant response to keyboard banging, and sounds will play only maybe and usually with delay.
- My two year old Lenovo minilaptop is not powerful enough to run this properly (but baby liked it anyway)
- While this disables all the windows buttons and even mouse is in use for baby stuff, this still isnt suitable for laptops with Windows 7 or laptops with their own buttons. I tested this with my minilaptop and first of all machine turns to hibernation mode both in case baby pushes the power button (which your baby will, since thats usually the button with tempting light on it) and in case baby closes the minilaptop by closing the keyboard case, which they once again like to do it will go into hibernation mode and can cause lot of problem. Actually my babys closing of the cover resulted in about 15 minutes loading before my minilaptop was back to useful state.
From free ones, this the one I recommend as long as you have powerful machine enough to run this, and its still good even with machine not powerful enough.





This the only commercial one in this list. Theres 3D made backgrounds in this one and when you keep pressing buttons on keyboard, things will happen.

this differs quite much from the rest and isnt directly comparable to others. To say that response is bad, is unfair, since that is not the point in this one. You press button, and some, compared to rest on this list, somewhat long animation happens.

But to freely interpret their text in their webite, this is like storytelling in computer form.

+ Although might not interest infants as much as the rest, this will have much wider age interest, basically even 8 year old could still be interested in this (although not necessarily).

+ Graphic and quality is superior compared to rest on this list.

+ Each keyboard button does its own thing.

+ Their ClickSafe technology disables all the windows buttons and other meanies during the play making it possible to leave baby alone to play the game without fear of  getting your workfiles deleted.

+ Has both PC and MAC-versions

- Not as interesting to infants as the rest on this list.

- Not very responsive in keyboard banging sense.


Download the trial version (Trial version for Windows only)